Gaming Tech and Cultural Experience

Growing up gaming wasn’t something that I would bring up in the context of career choices when I was pursuing my M.S. in Library Science. But now that I am a Design Lab Specialist at UNLV, where we are in the process of constructing a space which will host Virtual Reality in the form of three dedicated rooms for using HTC Vive equipment, it seems part and parcel to my resume. Not that I’m complaining… Combining a passion for gaming experiences with one for creating learning experiences is kind of a dream come true.

There are a lot of applications for VR that get me excited about the intersection between cultural artifacts and technology. The VR events that are popping up in hallowed museum halls are exactly the kind that enhance visitors’ experiences: making small talk with Russian emperor Alexander II, walking through Van Gogh’s gardens, or staring an African lion in the face. Sign me up!

And what if it were possible to make 3D scans of each of the layers of a Jackson Pollock painting and use them to create an environment where each splash of paint could be inspected? I think it actually is possible now. Hopefully creating such a meaningful experience could be part of my future pursuits. Collaborators are you out there?

Inspired by the following article:

Cigainero, J. (2018, March 12). European museums get adventurous with virtual reality. The New York Times. Retrieved from

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